Friday, May 28, 2010

The Meadows Sing

Today’s Reading: Psalm 61-62, Psalm 65; John 13:21-38

Isn’t Spring a wonderful time of year? My husband and I have been enjoying some wonderful walks outside as of late. I love this time of year, before the weather gets too hot and sticky. I love seeing the grass slowly turn from brown to green, and the little wildflowers peeping through the underbrush. Spring is beautiful; it’s such a great reminder of how God, our Creator, always provides for us. As Psalm 65 reminds us, it is God who brings water to the land. He is the one that allows the grain to grow, and provides pasture for the animals. He has given us the knowledge to grow and produce food, so that we will never grow hungry, even during the drier times. All of creation testifies to our amazing God. Psalm 65: 13 says that even the meadows and valleys “shout for joy and sing” to God their Creator. Have you ever heard a meadow sing? I have. For me, a meadow sings when I notice the beautiful colors bounding around inside of it. A meadow sings for joy when the grain rustles in the wind, or a bird gladly sings from deep within its brush. A meadow sings anytime it reminds me of its Creator.
Where, in nature, have you been reminded of God’s Creation? Find something that seems to be “singing” of God’s Wonder today.

Lord, thank you for each part of your creation. Please open my eyes anew to your works.

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