Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 7: Genesis 18-19; Matthew 6:1-18

The Lord’s Prayer is something I can recite without even thinking about it. Anyone else in that boat? That’s what happens with things that I’ve heard since I was born. They become routine. Today, as I was reading the words of The Lord’s Prayer, they jumped off the page. Is that what it really says? I wondered…. The words seemed to light up as I read through them. (And no that lighting up was not the mouse on my keyboard running over the words).

In particular, Matthew 6:11 spoke to me. This part of the prayer reads, “Give us today our daily bread.” It seems like such an essential verse. You may be thinking: “Of course God will give us what we need to eat every day. It’s a given for Christians.”

But do we actually thank him when that bread does appear?

I think today I need a does of thankfulness about the small things. I really need to thank God for the bags of groceries I just bought home from the store. The only reason they’re in the fridge right now is because God has blessed us with the money to buy that food. Not everyone is as fortunate.

Prayer: So Lord, Thank you for the daily bread you’ve given me today. And thank you for this insight into your word.

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