Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 19: Job 28-29; Matthew 13:1-30

In our reading from Job today, we found the true wisdom is not found in earthly things but in the fear of the Lord. To obtain wisdom, we are told that we need to “forsake evil” (Job 28:28). This is easier said then done. We live in a world in which the line between black and white issues can be very grey. Even amongst Christians, some may condone certain things, while others may shun that same thing. It all comes down to living our daily life for the Lord, and meditating on his word. We can’t judge the decisions other Christians make around us, but have to focus on living out our own lives for the Lord. We have to stay away from the things we view as wrong, and leave the rest up to God, our ultimate judge. One day, the whole world will be judged for how they lived their lives here on earth. God will determine who was “wheat” and who was only a “weed” living amongst the wheat (See Matthew 13:24-30).

Prayer: Lord, help me to live my daily life completely for you, and not worry about how other Christians live their lives. Give me wisdom as I forsake evil and hunger after you.

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