Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 5: Genesis 13-15 & Matthew 5:1-26

I love hearing about Melchizedek, the Priest King. Did you know that he is the only man to be a king & priest? After Abram heroically saves his nephew lot in Genesis 14, Melchizedek comes to break bread & drink wine with Abram. He blesses him for his good deeds, but blesses God the Father most of all. The book of Hebrews explores this unique Priest King. Nothing is said of Melchizedek’s origin. Instead, “He remains a priest forever, resembling the Son of God” (Hebrews 7:3).

I encourage you to read all of Hebrews 7 when you get the chance. It’s quite fascinating. In particular, Hebrews 7:4-7 says,

“Consider then how great this Melchizedek was. Even Abraham, the great patriarch of Israel, recognized this by giving him a tenth of what he had taken in battle. Now the law of Moses required that the priests, who are descendants of Levi, must collect a tithe from the rest of the people of Israel, who are also descendants of Abraham. But Melchizedek, who was not a descendant of Levi, collected a tenth from Abraham. And Melchizedek placed a blessing upon Abraham, the one who had already received the promises of God. And without question, the person who has the power to give a blessing is greater than the one who is blessed.”

Melchizedek was not even a Levitical priest, yet Abraham understood how unique he was. He is an Old Testament image of the role Jesus Christ would one day fulfill. How so? Jesus is a priest, who offered up his body as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. Because of this sacrifice we can spend eternity in heaven.

Jesus is also the King of All Kings. He justly rules over all the world. While he was living in this world, he taught us using his kingly knowledge. In Matthew 5, he encourages attributes such as humility, purity and mercy. These are the sort of attributes that will help us share the love of God with those around us.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for being our Priest and King. Help me to live every day for you.

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