Monday, August 2, 2010


Today’s Reading: 1 Kings 19-20; Acts 13:26-52

Today my heart is heavy. Some of my dear friends are going through extremely rough times. And there’s nothing I can do to help, but pray. I’m sure they feel quite hopeless tonight, and don’t know where to turn too. And so, I pray that God shows up, and wraps His arms around them tonight.

As I read about the prophet of Elijah, I was once again reminded how God meets each of us exactly where we are. He sees our feelings of hurt, of rejection, of helplessness, and He wraps his arms around us in love. He really does understand. In today’s reading, Elijah is at the end of his rope. He has fled to the desert, ready to die, and calls out to God in desperation. Instead of letting him die, God sends an angel to minister to Elijah. This angel brings the prophet food, and tells him to get up and wait for the presence of the Lord to pass by. Elijah obeys, and is treated to yet another supernatural experience. As he seeks the voice of the Lord, he hears strong winds, an earthquake, and then, finally, a gentle whisper.

It is in this whisper that the Lord God finally speaks to Elijah.

What a great reminder to all of us, to be still, even in the midst of life’s troubles, and listen for the voice of God. Sometimes it’s so hard to hear His voice, when we’re caught up in our own circumstances. We get into a survival mode, and forget to look up for help. We try to do things on our own, instead of calling on the Great Helper for Deliverance.

Lord, please help me to be silent enough tonight so that I can hear your voice.

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