Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Fruits or After Thoughts?

Today’s Bible in a Year readings were from Deuteronomy 26-27 and Luke 7:1-30. There’s much I could say about both, but for now I’ll focus on the very beginning of Deuteronomy 26. In this section, the Israelites are called to present the first fruits of their crops to the Lord. Not their leftovers, not their end-of-the-season crop, but their first fruits, the very beginning of their crops. Their God deserved the very best, so he expected as much from them.

As I read this section, I started thinking about my own life and wondering. Do I give God the first fruits of my life, or do I hoard those for myself, and only give him the leftovers. It’s so easy for me to get a full head and admire everything I’ve done in this life. How I excelled in school, married a wonderful man, and have had some success as a freelance writer. But the reality is that I am nothing with Jesus. He is my rock each and everyday. Because of this, he deserves my very best, my first fruits. What do these first fruits look like? They could be in the form of a tithe, in a worship song, in time spent on my knees, or in simply giving God the glory he is due. I’m sure there are many other ways to give God our first fruits. What do you think? How will you give your first fruits to Him today?

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