Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 31: Genesis 33-35; Matthew 20:17-34

There are so many sad things in this world. The reading from Genesis reminds is of this, with the rape of Dinah. Yes, Dinah’s brothers were wrong in the way they handled the situation, but they weren’t wrong in feeling upset about the matter. What was done to Dinah was a horrible thing.

As I read Dinah’s story, and then the story of the blind men and Jesus, I started to wonder if my eyes had been blinded in any way.

What had become so commonplace to me that I no longer even recognize it for the awful thing that it was?

I’ll admit, it’s often easier to sit in my cozy, safe home and immerse myself in a book, then to think about the people who aren’t in such a safe place and don’t have the novelty of reading the newest bestseller.

Perhaps they’re being abused, or lonely, or on the streets.

No matter the case, it’s easier to look right by them. If I look right by them, then they’re not my issue. I don’t feel connected. I don’t feel they’re pain.

I remember this homeless man who sold roses by the side of the road, rain or shine. I used to see him every Sunday morning as my husband and I drove to church. I always wanted to buy a rose from him, but we were always in too much of a hurry. The service was about to begin. We didn’t want to look bad by being late. Who knows what he would use the money for. Excuses. Excuses. They were all excuses so that we could get out of helping the man. We closed our eyes so that we didn’t have to help.

My question for you today is, what have you closed your eyes to? What are you missing in the world around you?

May our prayer be the same as the blind men in Matthew 20:33 who cried, “Lord… we want to see!”

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