Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 26: Genesis 23-24; Matthew 17

Rebekah has always been an intriguing person to me. Her story begins when a servant comes from a far away land and tells her that she has been chosen to marry his master’s son, Isaac. Without any delay, she picks up her life, says goodbye to her family whom she’ll never see again in this life, and goes on a long journey to marry a man she’s never even meant. What commitment. What fearlessness. What trust in God. When she arrives in this Promised Land, she marries Isaac, comforts him over the loss of his mother, and is “loved deeply” by him. What a wonderful story, and what a person to aspire to be. I, too, have traveled far away from home with my husband. (Although I did know him before I agreed to marry him). I can understand some of the loneliness Rebekah must have felt in the new land she came to. She was completely surrounded by strangers. The only thing that was the same was her God. He was God in her old home, and in her new.

Prayer: Lord, help me to be an encourager and comfort to my husband. And give me the strength needed to follow him wherever he leads in this life. Thank you for being my Lord and Savior yesterday, today and forever more.

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