Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 29: Genesis 29, 30; Matthew 19

Scheming and deceitfulness run rampant in today’s reading. Joseph, who once was the deceiver, meets Laban, who gives him a run for his money. Laban tricks Joseph by giving him the wrong daughter in marriage, and then forces him to work twice as long to marry the woman he loves (Rachel). Laban continually tricks, lies and cheats Jacob out of what is rightfully his. It’s not a pretty sight. But it’s a picture of what we, as humans, are all like when left to our own devices. None of us are perfect. We are self-centered human beings always looking out for ourselves.
And that’s where a Savior comes in.

On our own there is nothing we can do to obtain salvation. We are too evil and too self-centered to ever enter the kingdom of heaven. As Jesus says in Matthew 19: 26, God is the one that does the impossible thing. He bridges the gap between our sinful natures and his perfect on. Through Christ’s death on the cross, he has made a way for us to inherit eternal life. If we accept salvation through Jesus Christ, we leave our sinful, deceitful natures behind, and take on a new life.

I’m so thankful that God did the impossible and gave me the opportunity to spend eternity in heaven with him.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for taking this sinful creature and making something beautiful out of it! Thank you for doing the impossible and giving me eternal life.

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