Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gideon and the Ultimate Choice

Today's Reading: Judges 7-8; Luke 13:23-35

I admire Gideon.
No, he wasn't perfect, but as we read in yesterday and today's readings, he did fight some courageous battles for the Lord. The thing that I liked most of all was, that in the end, Gideon wouldn't take the position of king, but instead acknowledge God as their king. When he easily could have taken all the glory, he pointed the people back to God. And they looked toward God for 40 years, until Gideon was gone.
And then, once again, the Israelites fell back into sin and idolatry. How sad. But how true of even today. We all have a choice to make. Each day, as we look around us, we can choose to serve God, or the material world. The choice is ours, but as Luke 13 reminds us, the outcome is an eternal one. We can serve to worship the idols of this world, and spend eternity in hell, or we can choose the “narrow door,” the door in which we enter if we worship the one, true Savior of the world (Luke 13:24). This door isn’t an easy one to enter, but life as a Christian isn’t all that easy. Being a Christian means that we’ll face all kinds of persecutions in this life, but I’m willing to walk that narrow way, if it means spending eternity with my Savoir. What about you?

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