Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Of Temples and Palaces

Today’s Reading 1 Kings 5-7

Today we read the spectacular descriptions of Solomon’s Temple & Palace. It’s almost hard to picture these places. There was wood paneling from floor to ceiling, and more gold and bronze then you’ve probably ever seen in one place. The job was immaculate, perfect. Both places were works of art. There was no limit to the amount of money being spent. These were wonders of the ancient world to be sure.
Yet in the middle of reading about these descriptions, we come across an interesting fact: While it took Solomon seven years to build the temple, it took him thirteen years to build his palace (1 Kings 6:38, 7:1 NIV).
As I read this, my heart was smote with a personal application for today.
How often do we focus all of our attention on the wrong things? How often do we spend twice as much time being busy, as we do on the things of God?
For me, quite often my days revolve around lists. I eat my breakfast, read a pleasurable book, exercise, spend time talking to friends, work on crafts, and only get around to doing my devotions at the end of the day, right before my husband walks through the door. I felt a bit guilty today as I read those words above. Even if no one else sees the application, God spoke to me through these words. He asked me what was truly more important. Was it crafts and hobbies and friends, or was it Him? Easily I can answer Him. But then I have to ask myself, do my actions follow suit? If I truly love God most of all, why don’t I spend more time with Him? Why is He such an afterthought?
As Christians, we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. God resides inside each of us. Yet often, we spend more time working on things in the outside world, then working on our hearts. We neglect the inside for the outside.
I certainly need to do some cleaning up in my own heart tonight.

Lord, you are so important to me. Please help me to show that in the way I live my daily life. Help me to make you my number one priority, each and every day.

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