Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Deuteronomy 8-10; Luke 4:1-30

It’s painful to read about Jesus’ rejection in Nazareth. These are the people he grew up around, the people that knew him from birth, yet they tried to kill him for saying that he was the Messiah (Luke 4:29). I don’t like reading about people who mistreated my Savoir, but just the same, it’s comforting to know that he truly understands the feelings of loneliness and rejection I face at times. As a man he felt pain, cried tears, agonized over those who would not believe him. I, too, have felt rejection in my life. Friends who were my closest allies turned their backs on me, saying that I was unworthy. Even writing this I can still feel the pain and anguish I felt as a thirteen-year-old girl. Years doesn’t numb the pain. But that moment, as I sat on my pink bedspread and cried my little heart out over my lost friends, God meant me. He reminded me that he was the only friend who would never leave me not forsake me. He understood my pain and would help me get past this intense season of loneliness. What a promise. And what peace I felt because of it. No, the pain didn’t go away instantly. I had a lot of lonely days still ahead of me. Days of eating my lunch alone, and watching my former friends laugh across the room. Days of wishing I was still apart of their circle, but knowing I never would again. Just the same, Jesus was right beside me, helping me through each healing moment, and giving me new friends that loved me the way I was.

Are you lonely today? Has someone rejected you? Cry out to Jesus, he’s ready and waiting to help you through.

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