Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Unchanging Creator

“He is the radiance of His glory, the exact expression of His nature, and He sustains all things by His powerful word” (1:3, HCSB).

"You will roll [the earth and heavens] up like a cloak, and they will be changed like a robe. But You are the same, and Your years will never end” (1:12, HCSB).

Sometimes I need to be reminded that He sustains me. I need to be reminded that He is the one in control. That He does not change with the passing seasons.

Have you ever needed such a reminder?

As Autumn draws closer and closer I dread the coming cold weather. I dread the changing of the seasons. I don’t always like change. I’d rather the sun stood still. But change happens just the same. Times change. People get older. Family travels near and far. Farewells and welcome homes come and go.

This winter will be a lonely one for our family. It will be a dark one at times.

Even so, Jesus brings radiance into my life. He brings light into the darkest corners. He brings an oil of joy into my life time and again (Hebrews 1:9). And for that, I’m oh so thankful. I’m thankful that He will sustain me through the winter months. I’m thankful that He will see me through to the other side.

And I’m thankful that He will not change as the seasons will. He will be the same God next Spring as He is this Autumn, watching over me, guiding me and protecting me every step of the way.

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