Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Numbers 9-11; Mark 14:1-26

I love the story of Jesus’ anointing at Bethany. Mark 14:1-11 tells us about a woman who broke a very expensive bottle of perfume and poured it over Jesus’ head. Even though the others rebuked her for this seemingly foolish act, she knew that she was worshiping her Savior. She had complete trust in him and what he would do for her. She was anointing him for his emanate burial. At least to a certain degree, she saw understood what was going to happen and was not afraid to give him the honor he was due.
Fear is a thing that often holds me back. It holds me back in secular settings, in moments when I could profess my faith. It holds me back in worship services, when I don't go forward and kneel at the altar because I’m worried about what people will think. Fear holds me back from truly believing that God can do the impossible, much like Moses who doubted that God could provide enough meat to feed all the people (Numbers 11:21-23). I loved God’s response to Moses here. God says, “Is the LORD’s arm too short?” In other words, is there anything God can’t handle?
What a great reminder that God’s arm reaches everywhere, to every point of our lives. He is more than able to provide for each of and heal us of our fears and physical ailments. He is God after all. He doesn’t want our doubt, but instead wants our faithful surrender, as we sit at his feet and worship him.

Are you fearful of anything to today? How could you more fully worship God today?

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