Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Love, just love

“Love must be without hypocrisy. Detest evil; cling to what is good. Show family affection to one another with brotherly love. Outdo one another in showing honor.” (Romans 12:9-10, HCSB).

What is good? Good things build others up. They show encouragement and love. They don’t belittle or discourage. Instead they only make that person better in the long run. Sometimes it’s hard to find the good. Sometimes there’s a person out there that really gets under your skin. On Sunday, my pastor told us to “love, just love.” Love, the greatest commandment, is the best way to bring someone to a deeper knowledge of Christ. No, you don’t ignore their sins, but you love them and show them a better way of living. You don’t preach at them. You don’t make them feel bad about themselves. Instead, you “cling to what is good.” You show them the love of Christ, and leave the rest up to the Holy Spirit. You, “outdo one another” when it comes to showing respect and honor. You give that person the respect that the rest of the earth says they don’t deserve. You show them how much they matter to their Heavenly Father up above. You love them.

Who can you love today?

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