Thursday, February 10, 2011

Whole-hearted Living

Reading: 2 Chronicles 24-26; 2 Corinthians 11:1-15

“He did what was right in the eyes of the LORD, but not wholeheartedly” (2 Chronicles 25:2 NIV).

Amaziah King of Judah did what was right, but not with all of his heart. He knew the rules, he knew how to play the game, but his heart wasn’t in it. How many Christians have I meant like that? How many Christians know how to say the right words, act the right way, but don’t feel it deep inside? I really don’t have an answer to that. And I’m not here to cast stones. Instead, I’m here to look at my own life and ask if I have always lived my life wholeheartedly for God. I hope I have. I hope that others see that this life I live isn’t just an outward act, but an inward love. I hope they see that I truly love God wholeheartedly, with all that I am. I hope that see all of this.

What does the word “wholeheartedly” mean to you?


  1. To me, "wholeheartedl" means a few things, but mostly, this is what I think of when I hear this word:

    It means being real. It means being honest with people when we struggle, and honest when we're growing and doing well. It means wearing our heart out where anyone who cares to look can see it, no matter its condition. It means putting down masks, and taking life one step at a time, eyes fixed on Jesus. It means never pretending things are other than what they really are in our life and walk.

    It doesn't mean so much a constant state of our being, as it represents a destination we'll reach when we finally stand before Him, and know as we are known.

    Hope that makes some sense.

  2. Hello!

    Whole-heartedly in the bible concordance states that it means to do things "without reservation."

    Therefore I should do something unto the Lord I will do it without pause or second thought, without questioning myself.